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Speak up for the Blue Line

Every Metro meeting has a period allocated for public comments. Now is the time to attend these meetings and speak up for the Blue Line. The next meeting where the concerns of Blue Line riders can be voiced is the

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Late trains compound problems

If your commute has been anything like mine this week, you are probably getting very well acquainted with your fellow Blue Line passengers as you pack into Metro cars.  While 12 minute trains with perfect spacing would be at or

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Blue Line cuts cause riders to abandon public transit

People giving up on the Metrorail system is bad news all around: it’s bad for the current car commuters, it’s bad for the environment, and it’s definitely bad for Metro’s bottom line. If the roads seem worse since 2012, it

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No one wants to travel like it’s 1999 (or 1899 or 1799)

Public transit in DC isn’t perfect — but it’s a heck of a lot better than it used to be. George Washington would hardly recognize the modern-day trip between Virginia and DC — back then the carriage trip from Alexandria

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Metro is measuring overcrowding wrong

Have you ever wondered why Metro says that your line is not that crowded even though you can barely get on trains? Customer’s perceptions of overcrowding far exceed what Metro is seeing in their data. As a general rule, if

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Shareable Metro Contact Information Cards

When you hear other riders on the platform grumble about Blue Line wait times, wouldn’t it be great to have Metro’s contact information available right then so that they can let Metro know about their frustration? Well now you can! We’ve

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How DC Metro can save riders thousands of hours per year

Previously, we’ve outlined how Metro cuts will cost the average Blue Line rider 15 hours per year waiting for trains. But what are the alternatives? Turns out it’s possible to: Work within the limited capacity in the Rosslyn tunnel Make

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Is the Blue Line getting enough 8-car trains?

Yesterday, DC Metro tried to placate Blue Line riders by stating that up to half of Blue Line trains during rush hour would be 8 cars.  While this seems to indicate that Metro is starting to understand and respond to

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Have you seen the new DC Metro commercials promoting the Silver Line?  The ads make it sound like the Metro changes will solve all your problems, including improving your dating life and getting a better job.  But they don’t tell

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