Why Save the Blue Line?

Metro has already cut Blue Line metro train service, and now they plan to do so even further.

As many Metro riders in Northern Virginia are already aware, in the summer of 2012 the governing organization of the DC Metro system, WMATA, “enhanced” Metro service with their new Rush+ system.  In the process, they cut service for Blue Line riders by 30% from 10 trains per hour to 7 during Rush Hour.  As a result of the change, Blue Line riders have longer waits and overcrowded cars during peak hours.

WMATA (rightfully) note that the Rosslyn tunnel is a major choke-point in the system.  However, they dramatically misrepresent to the public the impact of the service cuts to the Metro riders who live along the Blue-Line corredor in Arlington and Alexandria.

When the Metro System finally gets the silver line operational, WMATA plans to cut Blue Line service further from 7 trains per hour to 5 per hour, so all Blue Line trains will be 12 minutes apart.  As a result, the Blue Line will be the only line in the core of the metro system that does not have enhanced rush hour service.

This site was created by WMATA transit riders to raise awareness about the problems that Metro is creating on the blue line, and to advocate that Metro consider alternatives to their planned service cuts.