Speak up for the Blue Line

Every Metro meeting has a period allocated for public comments. Now is the time to attend these meetings and speak up for the Blue Line.

The next meeting where the concerns of Blue Line riders can be voiced is the WMATA Riders’ Advisory Council. The next Riders Advisory Council (RAC) meeting will be at 6:30 PM this Wednesday (August 6th). It is held in the lobby level Meeting Room at Metro’s Headquarters at 600 5th Street, NW (near the Gallery Place Metro station).

If you can attend the meeting on Wednesday evening:

  1. Please let us know that you are coming (via e-mail at [email protected] or on twitter @savetheblueline ). We will be in attendance and would love to meet other Blue Line supporters before or after the meeting.
  2. Think about how best to tell your story in the 2 minutes allotted per speaker (visuals of overcrowded trains can be particularly effective to bring). Our hope is to emphasize the impact of overcrowding and passengers left behind on platforms and the inconveniences of long waits without a schedule (especially for those who have additional bus transfers they have to catch).
  3. Please remember that we are trying to bring the concerns of Blue Line riders to the committee and NOT disrupt the meeting. But having a large crowd is instrumental in showing decision makers that this is an important issue that they should address.

If you cannot attend the meeting on Wednesday evening:

There are still things you can do to help make our appearance at the meeting a success.

  1. Send us pictures of your crowded trains so that we can present the visual evidence of overcrowding to the council.
  2. E-mail to the riders advisory council directly in advance of the meeting at [email protected]
  3. Help spread the word about the . The more signatures it has when we go to the RAC, the more compelling our case.
  4. Follow us on twitter ( @savetheblueline ) or check back here for information about future meetings that we’ll be attending.
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